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Water Resistant Waxed Canvas

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Ever felt a need to hold your important stuff when you are working or doing something important, our product is designed to fulfill just that need. Designed with the latest waxed technology for higher durability. Complete your job without the worry of damaging it. It is wear and water-resistant. Dirt does not settle on it easily. Just wipe damp cloth on it to remove dirt and dust. Adjust to the size you are comfortable with, designed to fit most body sizes. Designed to hold a wide range of tools. Holds your tools with great stability, access them within seconds. Wide shoulder pad, reduces pressure on your shoulders letting you focus on your work with peace. A tool apron designed for all. A great way to organize your tools. Work stress-free, be efficient be confident.  Grab one now!!

Key features

  • Wear-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • 16oz Waxed canvas
  • Multi-compartment
  • Fasten buckle
  • Durable and thick
  • Comfortable shoulder pad
  • Adjustable straps
  • Side loop
  • Long-lasting


Material: Waxed canvas

Dimension: 65cm x 66cm

Colour: Brown

Product Contents:

  • 1x Apron