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Tofu Cat Litter 6L

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Meow Meow! Who’s there? Healthy Tofu Cat Litter. An essential household product for all cat parents. Are you worried that your cat might lick the litter and get sick, well you don’t have to worry anymore the tofu litter is designed to minimize the risk of getting sick. Made from edible material such as soybean, starch and gaur gum. A healthy choice for a healthy cat, it resists the dust from settling helping your cat maintain a healthy respiratory system. Absorbs water within seconds and it also agglomerates within 3 seconds making it very safe and practical to use. Unique 2.5mm-2.8mm large particles. Absorbs foul odor, helps maintain a fresh atmosphere. The litter can be dissolved very quickly, flush it away. A sweet treat for your pur buddies.
Key Features:

• Pleasant mint or peach fragrance
• Natural and edible material
• Dust resistance litter
• Superior absorbency
• Excellent agglomerate
• 100% Biodegradable
• Smooth texture

Flavour: Mint
Material: Soybean meal , starch  and guar gum
Weight: 2.5kg / 6L per pack 
Dimension: 21cm x 6cm x 31cm (L x W x H)

Package Content:

2x Mint Tofu Cat Litter