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Pet Stairs

Original price $145.00 - Original price $189.00
Original price
$145.00 - $189.00
Current price $145.00

Is your lovely pet finding hard to reach higher surfaces such as your bed or sofa? Try our brand-new Pet Stairs, a product designed to ease the daily trouble your adorable pet might experience. Pets just like humans love to cuddle and sleep with their parents,  in the middle of the night or the coming morning they might find it hard to reach higher surfaces especially when you have bought a new bed or a luxurious sofa. Place our pet stairs near your furniture and make their trouble of climbing vanish. Designed with the premium flannel material, extremely soft, and breathable product. Your pet will find no hurdles when climbing the stairs. Also, a healthy choice for your pet, helps reduces total strain on legs and lower back. The large size of the pet stairs ensures an easy and safe climb.

Adjust to height your pet desires. With its unique foam design, adjust easily to the height you may desire. Portable and flexible, helps you and your pet. To improve its comfort, built-in high-density foam is provided. Which makes it very much reliable and durable. Anti-slip bottom provided on the steps ensures greater stability for your pet to climb. Clean it simple and easy with its zipper enclosure design. An all-season product for your pet. Ease their pain, ease their worry. For a happy and lovely cuddle.




Key Features:

Adjustable height

High-density foam

Large size design

Secure path


Premium flannel material

Anti-slip bottom

Detachable design

Designed for all seasons


Material: Flannel
XL Dimension: 66cm x 45.7cm x 55.9cm

XXL Dimension: 71cm x 53.3cm x 61cm
Colour: Grey

Product Contents:

1x Pet Stair