Jumbo 8 Panel Pet Playpen
Jumbo 8 Panel Pet Playpen
Jumbo 8 Panel Pet Playpen
Jumbo 8 Panel Pet Playpen

Jumbo 8 Panel Pet Playpen

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Some dogs are a bit adventurous. Put them in their very own dog playpen to keep them safe on your holidays. Maybe you aren’t in a fenced area. Still take your dog with you.

You decide where you will put your new dog pen. Protect your valuables from your over enthusiastic puppy. Save things being knocked over by your adventurous kitty. Protect your flowers from your digging dog.

Do you have a ginormous dog or a little kitty. Pick the right size pet playpen for you. You can connect two together to make an even larger play space.

Sturdy enough to keep your dog in. Light enough to move around with ease. Set up you puppy pen wherever you think is best. Take it with you to your friend’s picnic in the park.

Why limit this to just dogs? You can set it up on the grass outside with your rabbits or guinea pigs. If your pet can’t climb, you can put it in here. We suggest this isn’t the best enclosure for fish though.

Key Features:

  • Step through door
  • Suitable for different pets
  • Variable shape
  • Large secure area
  • Rust-proof
  • Lockable gate
  • Foldable design
  • Great for camping


Brand: PaWz

Material: Steel 

Finish: Powder coated finish

Colour: Black

Dimension per panel (W x H):

24’’: 80cm x 60cm

32’’: 80cm x 80cm

40’’: 80cm x 100cm

48’’: 80cm x 120cm


  • 8x PaWz Pet Playpen Panel
  • 1x Instruction Manual