Cool Gel Infused Mattress
Cool Gel Infused Mattress
Cool Gel Infused Mattress
Cool Gel Infused Mattress
Cool Gel Infused Mattress

Cool Gel Infused Mattress

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No sleep for the wicked. Your boss works you to the bone and you keep powering on. At least when you eventually come home, you can sleep in pure comfort on your memory foam mattress.

You won’t feel your husband rolling around. Six spring turns and zero disturbance. Independent pocket spring mattresses isolate movement to just that area of the bed.

Your spring mattress reduces heat build-up. Get a more comfortable sleep no matter the temperature. Even better, your new mattress is made of hypoallergenic material and is dust mite resistant.

Some people just love the bounce that spring mattresses provide. You know what I am talking about. Foam mattresses just don’t cut it. In the ups and downs of life, springs are best.

Start your sleep cooler with your gel infused mattress. The cool gel absorbs heat gradually, helping you to get off to sleep faster in the summer heat. Don’t worry, the cooling stops after a while.



Key Features:

  • 30cm Thick mattress
  • Comprehensive support
  • Zero partner disturbance
  • 6-Turn independent pocket spring
  • High-density breathable foam
  • Hypo-allergenic materials
  • Dust mite resistant
  • Mould resistant
  • Shockproof
  • Reduces noise


Brand: Dreamz
Material: Fabric, foam and coil spring

Comfort level: Medium-firm

Number of coil spring:

Single: 406

King single: 496

Double: 609

Queen: 744

King: 868

Dimension (L x W x H):

Single: 190cm x 91cm x 30cm

King single: 203cm x 106cm x 30cm

Double: 188cm x 138cm x 30cm

Queen: 203cm x 153cm x 30cm

King: 203cm x 183cm x 30cm

Colour: White, grey and black


1x Dreamz Spring Mattress