Cactus Cat Tree
Cactus Cat Tree
Cactus Cat Tree
Cactus Cat Tree
Cactus Cat Tree
Cactus Cat Tree

Cactus Cat Tree

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Indulge your cat with their new cat tree. As the saying goes ‘happy scratch, happy cat’. Let your feline friend stretch their muscles out and exercise their claws on your new cat tree. They can even jump from flower pad to flower pad.

Safeguard your furniture. Let your cat enjoy their new toy and save your fashionable furniture from their ‘extra attention’. Your cat should love this even more than their current objects of attention.

This cat tree is not only purrfect for your cat but stylish for your home too. A talking point for humans, cats, and kittens alike. It will suit your home no matter what décor you have.

This environmentally friendly sisal rope is safe for your cat to scratch and play with. Don’t fret about your cat eating synthetic materials anymore. Perhaps the natural fibres will remind your cat of the great outdoors.

This won’t last forever but it is durable and will keep the attention of your cat or kitten for a long, long time. Watch as your cat gets to explore and enjoy their new toy.

Key Features:

Perfect cat territory

Eye-catching appearance

Natural sisal

Soft Jumping platform

2cmThicken base

With hanging toys

Easy installation


Brand: PaWz

Material: MDF, sisal and chenille


M: 35cm x 35cm x 53cm

L: 40cm x 40cm x 67cm

Colour: Green


1x PaWz Cat Tree

1x Instruction Manual