20 Gears Massage Gun with Touch Screen
20 Gears Massage Gun with Touch Screen
20 Gears Massage Gun with Touch Screen

20 Gears Massage Gun with Touch Screen

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Our Massage Gun is a perfect self-relaxing companion. Are you a fitness geek or are you just feeling tired after a long day of work, our massage gun is designed just for you. A 12mm deep massage to relieve you from muscle tension and tightness. It helps increase blood circulation which in turn enhances performance, recovery, and energizes your body. It dissipates muscle soreness caused by daily work such as long-standing muscle stiffness or sedentary cervical spine. Customize your massage experience with 4 head attachments for specific regions of the body. Very convenient to use with its LCD touch screen. 20 gears can be used to provide muscle arousal, facial relaxation, decomposition of lactic acid, and deep massage. Very silent to use, powerful high torque motor provides continuous massage. Designed to be very intelligent with its unique AI chip design. Matte rubber paint shell, eco-friendly material. Very solid to hold due to its anti-skid silicone handle. Use it as your needs, designed to be wear-resistant. It dissipates heat faster. Built-in 2000mAH lithium-ion rechargeable battery with 6 hours of endurance time. Stays with you longer, runs for you better.


Key Features:

Deep kneading massage

Muscle stimulation

Naturally relieves pain

Enhances performance and recovery

Relieves muscle tension & tightness

Energizes the body

4 different massage head

20 adjustable intensity

LCD touch screen

High-Torque motor for a quieter experience

Wireless, lightweight and portable ergonomic casing

Ultra-strong heat dissipation function

2000mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery

6 hours of endurance time

Eco-friendly rubber paint shell





Shell material: Silicone

Voltage: 110-240V, 50/60Hz

Output Voltage: 24V


Frequency: 3200r/min

Amplitude: 12mm

Endurance time: 6 hours

Battery: 2000mah

Gears: 20

Dimension: 24.5cm x 24cm x 5cm (H x L x W)

Colour: Black / Silver / Red


Package Content:

1x Massage Gun

4x Massage Heads

1x Charger

1x User Manual